Author Index and Titles

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Achebe, Chinua: “Things Fall Apart”

Ambler, Eric: “The Mask Of Dimitrios” 

Amis, Kingsley:  “Lucky Jim” 

Amis, Martin: “Zone of Interest”

Anon: “Beowulf” 

Anon: “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” 

Austen, Jane: “Persuasion


Babel, Isaac: Odessa Stories

Banks, Iain: “The Bridge”

Barbusse, Henri: “Hell”

Barker, Pat: “Regeneration”

Barnes, Julian: “Arthur and George”

Barnes, Julian: “Nothing to be Frightened Off” 

Barry, Sebastian: “The Secret Scripture”

Beckett, Samuel: “Molloy” 

Begbie, Harold: “Fall-In” 

Boo, Katherine: “Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Bowley, Graham: “No Way Down – Life and Death on K2” 

Boyd, William: “The Blue Afternoon” 

Braithwaite, Kate: “The Road to Newgate”

Bronte, Emily: ”Wuthering Heights” 

Brown, George Mackay: “Beside the Ocean of Time” 

Bryson, Bill: “A Short History of Nearly Everything” 

Bryson, Bill: “African Diary” 

Buchan, John: “John Macnab”

Bulgakov, Mikhail: “The Master and Margarita” 

Burnet, Graeme Macrae: “His Bloody Project”

Bythell, Shaun: Diary of a Bookseller


Cairns, David: “Berlioz – Volume One: The Making of an Artist, 1803-1832” 

Capote, Truman: “In Cold Blood” 

Carver, Raymond: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” 

Chandler, Raymond: “Farewell My Lovely” 

Chekhov, Anton: “The Cherry Orchard”

Clark, Alan: “Barbarossa” 

Clark, Christopher: “The Sleepwalkers”

Coelho, Paulo: “The Alchemist”

Cordingly, David: “Cochrane the Dauntless” 

Crace, Jim: “Quarantine”

Crane, Stephen:  “The Red Badge of Courage” 

Cronin, A.J.: “The Citadel” 


Dalrymple, William: “The City of Djinns” 

Delaney, Frank: “Ireland

Devine, Tom: “The Scottish Clearances”

Dickens, Charles: “Great Expectations” 

Dodds, Robert: “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor: “Crime and Punishment”

Dylan, Bob: “Chronicles Vol 1” 


Eliot, T. S.: “The Wasteland”

Endo, Shusaku: “Silence”


Fallada, Hans: “Alone in Berlin”

Faulks, Sebastian: “Birdsong”

Ferrante, Elena: “My Beautiful Friend”

Fitzgerald, Scott F.: “The Great Gatsby” 

Flaubert, Gustave: “Madame Bovary” 

Ford, Ford Madox: “The Good Soldier”

Ford, Richard: “Canada”

Frankopan, Peter: “The Silk Roads”

Fulton, John: “66: The House that Viewed the World”


Gale, Patrick: “A Sweet Obscurity” 

Gibbon, Lewis Grassic: “Sunset Song”

Goldacre, Ben: “Bad Science”

Grass, Gunter: “The Tin Drum” 

Gray, Alasdair: “Lanark” 

Greig, Andrew: “Return of John Macnab” 

Grenville, Kate: “The Secret River” 

Goldacre, Ben: “Bad Science”

Gunn, Neil M: “The Silver Darlings” 


Hamid, Moshin: “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” 

Hamsun, Knut: “Hunger” 

Harari, Yuval Noah: “Sapiens: a Brief History of Humankind”

Harari, Yuval Noah: “Home Deus: a Brief History of Tomorrow

Harding. Thomas: “The House by the Lake”

Hardy, Thomas: “Far From the Madding Crowd” 

Harford, Tim: “The Undercover Economist” 

Harris, Robert: “An Officer and a Spy”

Harris, Robert: “Conclave”

Hayes, Terry: “I am Pilgrim”

Hemingway, Ernest: “Men Without Women” 

Hesse, Hermann: “Narcissus and Goldmund” 

Higgs, John: “Stranger Than We Can Imagine”

Holloway, Richard: “Leaving Alexandria” 

Hunter, James: “A Dance Called America” 

Houellebecq, Michel: “Submission”


Ishiguro, Kazuo: “The Remains of the Day”


Jenkins, Robin: “The Changeling” 

Johnson, Denis: Train Dreams

Jones, Steve: “Almost Like A Whale” 


Kafka, Franz: “The Trial” and “Metamorphosis” 

Kapuscinski, Rysard: “Shadow of the Sun”

Kassabova, Kapka: “Border: a Journey to the Edge of Europe”

Kay, Adam Richard: “This is Going to Hurt”

Kipling, Rudyard: “Kim” 

Kundera, Milan: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”


di Lampedusa, Tomasi:  “The Leopard” 

Last, Nella: “Nella Last’s War” 

Lee, Arthur Gould: No Parachute

Lee, Harper: “To Kill a Mocking Bird” 

Lee, Laurie: “As I Walked out one Midsummer Morning”

Levy, Andrea “Small Island” 

Llosa,  Mario Vargas: “The Bad Girl” 

Lodge, David: “Small World” 


Machiavelli, Niccolo: “The Prince” 

Mantel, Hilary: “Bring Up The Bodies” 

Marcotti, Gabrielle and Vialli, Gianluca: “The Italian Job” 

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia: “Memories of My Melancholy Whores” 

Marsh, Henry: “Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery”

Mason, Alan: The Magazine (January)

McBride, James: “The Color of Water” 

McCarthy, Cormac:  “No Country For Old Men” 

McEwan, Ian: “On Chesil Beach” 

McGrath, Patrick: “Asylum”

Mitchell, David: “Cloud Atlas” 

Mortenson, Greg and Relin, David Oliver: “Three Cups of Tea” 

Moore, Tim: “French Revolutions” 

Moorhouse, Roger: “Berlin at War”

Mullin, Chris: “A View from the Foothills, the Diaries of Chris Mullin” 

Murakami, Haruki:  “Dance, Dance, Dance” 


Naipaul V.S. : “A Bend In The River” 

Nguyen, Viet Thanh: “The Sympathizer”


Ondaatje, Michael: “Warlight”

Orwell, George: “1984”

Owen, Wilfred: “Dulce Et Decorum Est”


Perlman, Elliot: “Seven Types of Ambiguity”

Pirsig Robert M. : “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” 

Priestley, J. B: “English Journey” 




Rees, Matt: “A Name in Blood”

Relin, David Oliver and Mortenson, Greg: “Three Cups of Tea” 

Remarque, Erich Maria: “All Quiet On The Western Front” 

Reynolds, David: “The Long Shadow”

Rogers, Douglas: Two Weeks in November

Roth, Joseph: “Radetsky March”

Roth, Philip: “Sabbath’s Theatre” 

Runciman, David: “How Democracy Ends”

Rush, Christopher: “Sex, Lies and Shakespeare” 

Rushdie, Salman: “The Moors Last Sigh” 


Saint Exupéry, Antoine de: “Wind, Sand and Stars” 

Sarmago, Jose: “Blindness” 

Scott, Sir Walter: “Rob Roy”

Shakespeare, William: “Hamlet

Shriver, Lionel: “The Mandibles”

Simenon, Georges: “The Dancer at the Gai Moulin”

Simmonds, Posy: “Tamara Drewe” 

Smith, Ali: “Autumn”

Smith, Zadie:  “White Teeth” 

Spark, Muriel: “The Driver’s Seat” and “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”

Spender, Stephen: “What I expected”

Steinbeck, John: “The Grapes of Wrath”

Stendhal: “The Red and the Black

Stevenson, Robert Louis:  “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” 

Szalay, David: “All That Man Is”


Taleb, Nassim Nicholas: “The Black Swan

Thomas, Dylan: “Do not go gently into that goodnight”

Thubron, Colin: “In Siberia” 

Toole, John Kennedy: “A Confederacy of Dunces”

Townsend, Sue: “Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Twain, Mark: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” 

Twain, Mark: “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” 


Uglow, Jenny: “The Lunar Men” 

Updike, John: “Rabbit is Rich”


Verghese, Abraham: “Cutting for Stone”

Vialli, Gianluca and Marcotti, Gabrielle: “The Italian Job” 

Voltaire: “Candide” 


Waugh, Evelyn:  “Scoop” 

Wellum, Geoffrey: “First Light”

Whitehead, Colson: “The Underground Railroad”

Wilde, Oscar: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” 

Wodehouse, P.G. : “Very Good, Jeeves” 

Wolfe, Tom: “The Bonfire of the Vanities”

Wynd, Oswald: “The Ginger Tree” 


Zamyatin, Yevgeny: “We”